Welcome to Cory Family Farm!

It is always encouraging to contemplate the role we play in the history of our farm. The homestead where we live has been in Mary’s family for over one hundred years. The farm SE of Alleman, where the animals graze, has been in Tom’s family for over one hundred years also. Agriculture is our life.

As we began to learn about health and nutrition for our family it made us want to change how we were farming. It was the realization that people who cannot raise their own food were depending on us to raise high quality food that we don’t have to apologize for. The majority of our products are sold directly to the consumer. Accountability to our customers is of the upmost importance to us. It is more than just being “local”. We are passionate about our products, meat and eggs, being produced based on the principles we’ve learned regarding health and nutrition for people, animals, and soil.

Guiding principles

  • Not applying harmful chemicals to the soil
  • No synthetic fertilizers
  • No growth hormones
  • No routine feeding of antibiotics
  • No soy, based on what we have learned about concerns with soy
  • Our beef and lamb are grown exclusively on grass and high quality hay
  • It IS possible to finish cattle and sheep on high quality grass/forage in Iowa, even in winter
  • The chickens are produced on pasture seasonally and in a large open space during the off season
  • We supplement the chicken feed with non-GMO grains and no soy

Our tagline: It Begins with the Soil

The cattle and sheep graze together as one unit on the pasture during the growing season. The animals are moved daily to a fresh, new grazing paddock. This movement is accomplished by moving a series of electric nets and a portable watering trough. When the animals enter a new grazing cell, the grass is tall and lush. In 24-36 hours, it is eaten down, the animals are moved to a new grazing cell and they will not return to graze in the same area for 45-60 days depending on the rate of regrowth of the grass and other factors. This style of management allows the animals to naturally fertilize the soil as they move across it, and it allows adequate “rest” between grazings for the plants to recover. When the sheep are moved daily, it greatly helps in naturally managing internal parasites which can be a problem in sheep that are “set-stocked” and not moved daily.

Stockpiling is also practiced on our farm. This involves not cutting a certain area of pasture for hay or grazing it with livestock after approximately August 1st each year. The forage is allowed to continue growing until frost. After the growing season is complete, the sheep are able to stay on that stockpiled pasture and receive their nutrition for several more weeks.

Our belief is that a vibrant soil leads to salad bar quality plants which nourish the grazing animals, and they in turn produce nutrient-dense protein which plays an integral part in promoting healthy individuals and communities. Reflecting on the generations that have laid the foundation for us we are forever grateful. We realize that we are the stepping stones for the future generations. Currently, our family has stewardship for this land. We strive to be the best stewards we can be to nurture the soil and nurture awareness. This is not just a passing phase… this is our way of life. Always learning, growing, & educating. Cory Family Farm is honored to serve you.

Additional Information

We are transparent about ALL aspects of our farm. Currently, we host two public open houses / tours during the year, in the spring and the fall. Our annual “Line in the Soil” celebration is held in September. Details about these events can be found at our “Events” page.

We currently offer grass-fed beef, lamb, pasture-raised eggs, and meat chickens (seasonally).

There are several options to purchase our products: year around, weekly home delivery in the Des Moines and Ames metro areas (place orders via farm store on website), May – October we can be found at the Des Moines Court Avenue Farmers’ Market and the Ames Main Street Market on Saturday mornings. Our meat is served at HOQ restaurant, and The Wallace Center of Iowa. Wheatsfield Coop in Ames carries our lamb, and our beef sticks can be purchased at two Hy Vee stores in Ankeny. We regularly ship beef sticks around the United States. We are not able to ship our frozen meat.