Cory Family Farm, we are a family farming operation located in NE Polk County in central Iowa. Our farm was recognized as a century farm in 2009.

Our family is learning about, and has implemented managed rotational grazing while utilizing holistic practices with our livestock and our land.  Our family has successfully marketed frozen, packaged meat at the Des Moines Farmers’ Market since 1997.  2015 is our 19th year at the market.  This will also be our fifth season at the Ames Main Street Market. Over this time period we have been able to transition to ALL grass fed beef and lamb.  These products have been well-received by our customers.

We strive to involve our children in all aspects of our farming operation in order to teach them about healthy food production, animal husbandry and entrepreneurship skills.

Our meat is processed at the state-inspected Mingo Locker in Jasper County and at the Story City Locker in Story City. We offer beef and lamb by the individual package or by the more economical “bundle”.  A “beef bundle” is 35-40# of packaged meat that includes a variety of cuts and will fit in the freezer compartment above a refrigerator. We have a great “on-the-go” beef snack stick. It is high protein, low-carb, the perfect “pack ‘n go” snack. It will provide enduring energy!

Our beef and lamb are all natural, finished exclusively on grass pasture and high quality dried forage, NO antibiotics, NO growth hormones – – – Locally born, raised and processed!

The meat chickens are fed a ration that includes non-gmo grains and NO soy. They are raised in movable pens on pasture during the summer months.

The laying hens are housed in an “egg mobile” and are able to forage on grass and bugs during the growing season and have free-range access during the non-growing times of the year.

We also market our products via weekly home delivery, the Iowa Food Coop, Farm To Folk in Ames, Wheatsfield Coop, Ames, IA, HOQ restaurant, East Village in Des Moines, IA; Hy Vee North (Ankeny, IA), Prairie Trail Hy Vee (Ankeny, IA), and on-farm sales.

In 2015 we plan to host events that allow the public to come to our farm to look around and ask questions. We give a spring and fall farm tour, see events tab. There will be a barn dance in September, and possibly other educational events throughout the year. Details appear in our weekly newsletter.


Books currently reading: Around the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne; As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen; Fields of Farmers, by Joel Salatin

Current projects: Lambing time…!!!, building an automatic watering system for the laying hens to utilize on pasture this season

Favorite family activity: Traveling – when time allows

Favorite meal or food: Lamb French chops, fermented veggies, beef, lamb, & chicken stock…and all the amazing meals that can be created from the above list

Personal interests: Rotational grazing, learning new marketing techniques, visiting with my mother: 92 years of stories!

Favorite farm / household chore: Livestock chores, preparing weekly meat deliveries, helping with dishes


Books currently reading: Lessons Learned from the Age of Fighting Sail, by Chris Brady; The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss; Nourishing Broth, by Sally Fallon Morell

Current projects: Daily home educating the children, learning to knit wash cloths, Enrolled in Dr. Josh Axe’s 8 week “Institute for Nutritional Leadership”

Favorite family activities: Working outside together in the garden; sitting around the meal table engaged in meaningful conversations with friends / family / new acquaintances

Favorite meal or food: Grilled burgers with roasted vegetables

Personal interests: Learning about and making home remedies, culturing vegetables, learning about health & wellness, Burst Fit Exercising, teaching others, reading when I have time!

Favorite farm / household chore: I like to help care for the livestock when I have the opportunity to.


Spencer is no longer living at home… He is off living his dream! ADVENTURE is his middle name!


Books currently reading: Bible; Books about permaculture, managing an organic orchard; and Mortgage Free, by Rob Roy

Current projects: Building his house on wheels, preparing the ground for potato planting, implementing biological farming practices as there is opportunity to

Favorite family activity: hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Favorite meal or food: favorite meal is chili and favorite food is carrots

Personal interests: farming organically

Favorite farm / household chore: Combining oats, cleaning eggs, helping during lambing time


Books currently reading: Crispin, by AVI; Gathering of Days, by Joan Blos

Current projects: Fixing up a 1968 Jeep Commando, Riding his Kawasaki dirt bike.

Favorite activities: knife throwing, working out, home school drama group, “Performing the Classics”

Favorite meal or food: cheeseburger soup, pizza

Personal interests: Mechanical problems, Farming,  Drawing, Playing fiddle and guitar

Favorite farm / household chore: Helping with the goats and lambing time


Books currently reading: The Happy Hollister Book series by Jerry West; Mountain Born, by Elizabeth Yates

Current projects: Learning how to read and write, learning horsemanship skills with our horse, Taco; riding bicycle, hiking and playing around on the farm

Favorite family activity: Being read to, helping with livestock chores, playing “Crazy Eight”

Favorite meal or food: chicken rice soup served with cornbread, butter, and honey; lamb loin chops

Personal interests: learning to play the fiddle and piano, drawing maps and flags, building with an erector set, legos, Playmobil

Favorite farm / household chore: Checking on the sheep and goats during lambing / kidding season, vacuuming the rug, feeding the kitchen scraps to the chickens


Books currently reading: The Happy Hollister book series, by Jerry West; listening to Nancy Drew mysteries

Current projects: making up dramatic plays, learning horsemanship skills, playing with the cats, dolls, learning to read

Favorite family activity: Being read to, helping with livestock chores, watching movies with family, play and work outside, playing “Go Fish”

Favorite meal or food: Kimchi (Korean sauerkraut), lamb burgers, ice cream

Personal interests: Being mom’s “kitchen helper” , riding bicycle, playing with goats and lambs

Favorite farm / household chore: Helping to prepare meals and checking on the chickens